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The Story…

…In reverse chronological order. Just because.

The Platypus currently has a day job as a freelance musician, the bulk of which is teaching small children. She often remarks that it is a good thing she never really stopped being a kid because otherwise she would certainly be sick of them by now (as it is she still finds teaching fun). At the moment most of them are on summer vacation so she is taking a 2-month hiatus for her other freelance activities, including getting together a recital program containing the Liszt Sonata and Schumann Kreisleriana. Updates to follow <fingers crossed…> Her continual and devoted companion in all this is a marmalade tabby named Rumi.

The rest of the time she spends tweeting, mainly on the #iranelection hashtag, and pursuing other forms of online activism to help spread awareness and information about how we can all help to save our planet and the human race (believe it or not, it’s easier than you think…). This all started in June 2009, when she began following the stories of students in Iran through the #iranelection hashtag on Twitter and just couldn’t leave.

Rather astoundingly she still has room for a few hobbies, including learning Persian, reading Sufi poetry in the original, playing recreational soccer, and creative writing. Right now she is working on a collaborative novel with her sister, who despairs of it ever getting finished due to the Platypus’ inordinate fascination with saving the world…(October update: FINISHED! And starting the next one. Take that, cynics everywhere! 😀)

Previously the Platypus was on track to become more or less a perpetual student, having spent nearly a decade in university and earned several degrees in biochemistry and piano performance, with various excursions into musicology, semiotics, computer programming, and philosophy (particularly of language) along the way. However, she quite abruptly and surprisingly decided one day that, you know, making a bit of money one of these days just might be an idea. Leading to her current life…

Before university the Platypus did an IB diploma and very strongly recommends this educational system as the best way to get a holistic, well-rounded, solid foundation for university. (In fact, compared to the IB diploma requirements she never found the demands university especially intense.) When she wasn’t studying or finishing up essays, which was most of the time, she was playing Bach fugues on piano, with a little Beethoven on the side. (Sidenote: this all began way back when she was 13 and happened to pick up Hofstadter’s Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. She still considers it the best non-fiction book she has ever read.)

Backing up further…in her elementary school years the Platypus mainly did a lot of reading (Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Madeleine L’Engle, Diane Duane featured prominently in this) and making up games in her backyard with her sister and next-door friend. She also enjoyed soccer (where she always played defense), skipping rope, constructing snow forts, and the like. She considers it quite a tragedy that kids seem to have abandoned all these old, boring, non-technological forms of entertainment in favour of iPods and video games…(ah, for the good old days when the only computer she had was a clunky slow machine that ran the MS-DOS shell and used floppies. Yes, the floppy ones. She did, admittedly, spend an inordinate amount of time playing Nethack, a D&D game with ASCII graphics which she still considers THE definitive single-player D&D computer game, and King’s Quest, a wonderful computer adventure series which has sadly been discontinued…RIP.) When the Platypus was quite young she would wake up at 5 am each morning with the sunrise, which drove her parents crazy until they began putting out jigsaw puzzles to occupy her instead. (She is rather sad that she can’t do this anymore without considerable effort.)

We’re quickly running out of years here so we will simply end with the Platypus’s first memory: her mother teaching her to read.

The mists of time swirl, and recede into the boundless depths of eternity…



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