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A Treasury of Riddle Poems

…A collection of all my riddle poems posted on my blog (earliest to latest…scroll down for new additions!) Drag your mouse over the white space beside each “answer” line to see the solution.

(General hint: All the answers refer to “real” things. None of the solutions exist only in fiction, imagination, or legend…e.g. no vampires, dragons or demons!) 🙂

1. Dipping, glinting, gliding by,
Rainbow-fretted, wrought of breath.
I live only while I fly –
Earth’s rough kiss my sudden death.

Answer: A soap bubble

2. Dare trespass my threshold? Don’t dream you shall flee;
The strongest, the swiftest, cannot evade me.
I’ll seize you and crush you and wrench you apart,
Though no one may gaze on my singular heart.

Answer: Black hole

3. We two are twins, joined at the hip;
We love to glide and slide and slip;
Not quite alike – that’s really neat,
Or else we would have two left feet.
Best in a pinch, and clinging tight,
We often stay out late at night,
And we’re both done for if I run.
Now, can you solve this riddling pun?

Answer: Pantyhose

4. A trinity of teeth have I
To tear my prey as fast I fly.
Yet since the days of yore are through,
Far oftener I’m chewed, than chew.

Answer: A trident.

5. Traveller, tell me what tomb I must enter
To gaze on the bones of the Tyrant King,
Who ruled a world that never knew winter,
And fell in the year of the sunless spring?

Answer: A dinosaur museum (the “Tyrant King” is Tyrannosaurus Rex, the “tyrant lizard king.”)

6. I’m faithful and steadfast through twist and through turn –
Your friend in the dark without star or sun.
The Earth is my mother; for her I still yearn,
And point to the place where all times are one.

Answer: A compass needle

7. A suit of circling rings I wear;
Beneath my skin my armour’s deep;
So come and strike me – if you dare!
For if you wound me, you will weep.

Answer: Onion

8. Against ten thousand flying foes I shield,
Unyielding, strong, yet light to bear and wield.
I spring to life with one wave of your hand,
Then humbly shrink away at your command.

Answer: Umbrella

9. For all who’d come and watch in awe
I give to you, my friends,
The best striptease you ever saw!
And one that never ends.

I’ll show you all my curvy bends
As round I turn and glide.
See through my act? Well, that depends –
There’s nothing I can hide.

Don’t try to find my better side,
For if you do, you’ll fail,
Tricked by, like all the rest who’ve tried,
The twist in my strange tale.

Answer: Moebius strip

– The Contrapuntal Platypus 😀



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2. Wessel - May 2, 2012

..You are inspiring and wise. You will prosper and so will every child around you. I pray that you keep on believing. I teach the guitar and the sounds of your words rang beautifully and clearly this morning, confirming my own beliefs in human potential, parental influence on child development and grace. Thank you.

3. jordanandmarie - May 8, 2012

That’s great, Platypus. I love riddle poetry so much that I wrote and then shared my own 38 riddle poems here: http://www.yaddlezap.com/riddlepoems

– Jordan

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