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The Contrapuntal Platypus Returns! September 11, 2010

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First of all, a big apology to my followers for my over-a-month-long absence. I hasten to assure you that I have a bunch of very good excuses, including a very traumatic injury of my poor Rumikitty (ultimately found to be a dislocated jaw and now well on the mend), a family vacation and the start of a new year of teaching.

But, excuses or not, I’m glad to be back and eager to post some new entries. 🙂

My last few posts before leaving were all fairly serious so I’d like to do one just for fun. Here are some pictures from the trip my family and I took to Galiano Island, BC, just off the West Coast of Canada near Vancouver Island. It’s quite a picturesque island with high cliffs, sweeping views of the Gulf Islands and a huge variety of weathered rock formations on various beaches. We had three days of hiking, sightseeing and just relaxing on the beaches, and I enjoyed it all immensely. (We walked through the graveyard where local residents are buried and found that the average age is around 90…not surprising given how relaxed I felt and how well I slept each night there. It must be something in the air.)

Or maybe the light…Though I’m usually a pretty mediocre photographer, almost every picture I took on Galiano Island turned out beautifully (to my untrained artistic eye at least). There was a unique quality about the light and the radiance of the sky that transformed every otherwise ordinary picture into something really special.

For example, this shot from the top of Mount Galiano:

This one was a viewpoint called (I think) The Bluffs:

An amazing “honeycomb” rock wall down by the Bluffs:

And strange hollowed “caves” and ledges:

I found some brilliant purple starfish in the tidal pools…

…and little delicate pink-white flowers growing on the rocks (something about their shape and texture looked almost unreal…as if they were molded from sugar or Play-Doh! :D)

This shot is from another, “whale-watching” beach (unfortunately no whales were spotted this time.) If I imagine what the surface of Mars might look like, this comes close…

And, finally, I’ll end with the spooky face that I saw staring out at me from one rock formation.

…Need I say that I can’t wait to go back? 😀

– The Contrapuntal Platypus



1. Ana - September 12, 2010

What a wonderful journey you have had this summer…. I envy you. The pictures are certainly one of a kind. I am still marvelling at the purple starfish existing in Canada!

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