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Whimsical Poetry for a Midsummer Afternoon June 25, 2010

Posted by contrapuntalplatypus in Creative Writing, Flights of Fancy, Nature, Poetry.
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I started this poem a few years ago on one of those late, rich summer afternoons soaked with radiant sunlight so thick you can almost touch it. Then I left it for a few years and didn’t take it out again…until now.


The sunshine burned so gold tonight
I stood and stared amazed;
It soaked the air with lustrous light
And pooled in streams that blazed.
I thought I’d set a bit aside
Just for a rainy day –
Alas, no matter what I tried,
It simply wouldn’t stay!

I thought to bottle it like honey,
Sweet and rich and thick –
Some winter night I’d open it,
Reach in and take a lick.
I grabbed my crystal honeypot
And scooped the liquid beams;
Clapped on the lid and cried, “You’re caught!” –
It trickled out in streams!

I thought to weave it at my loom
Into a tapestry,
And hang it in the shadowed gloom
To sparkle brilliantly.
I sat down at my spinning wheel,
I grasped one golden ray;
And spun like mad, then at my reel –
Still bare – gazed in dismay!

I thought to hammer it like gold
And mint some coins that shone,
To keep and in my hand to hold
When summertime was gone.
With skillful blows I shaped and beat
A bar of molten glow;
In water stooped to quench its heat –
They blurred in rippling flow!

I thought in it to dip my brush
And paint a dazzling scene:
Gold trees, streams, blooms, a gleaming thrush,
The garden of a queen.
I brought a canvas, white and pure,
Dabbed my palette with light;
Drew one smooth stroke, so true and sure –
It vanished from my sight!

At last I, helpless, watched the dark
Drift in, as from the sky
The sun slipped slowly down its arc
And its last light did die.
Another summer sun, to burn
So warm and rich and bright
I fear may nevermore return…
But then again, it might.



1. JM - June 26, 2010

E, it’s beautiful. Very spiritual. I’ve always been annoyed by how difficult it is to capture sunlight in paintings and, amazingly, you’ve made it tangible through words. ❤

2. Ana - June 26, 2010

Truly Lovely E. I could clearly imagine it. Keep up the good work.

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